Maa ka pyaar, In a Jar!

Healthy. Hygienic. Homemade.

It’s simple! You order. Homechefs cook. We deliver.

About Us

Yumma - Yummy food by Maa!

As the name suggests, we bring to you delicious food made by our home chefs. Yumma is the best of all worlds of food. We bring to you… the taste and hygiene of homemade food, service and professionalism of a restaurant, ease of home delivery, affordability vis-a-vis fancy restaurants.

With a variety of food including multiple cuisines, we offer you Maa ke haath ka banaya hua khana, but with the experience of ordering in from a restaurant. Our aim is not only to incredibly appeal to your palate, but also ensure safe, hygienic, quality food delivered. So we are personally in touch with each of our home chefs and we do personal and kitchen verifications of each homechef! We give importance to QUALITY over quantity.

Variety Of Cuisines

Choose any dish from any cuisine of your choice

At Your Doorstep

Safe, contact-less delivery at your doorstep

Whenever You Want

Food will be delivered at your desired time slot

Experience effortlessly, our CONTACT-LESS delivery now!

We take hygiene very seriously. All our home chef's kitchens are inspected, sanitized and then approved. Temperature check of all the delivery boys is conducted and if they seem fit, only then they are sent for delivery.

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Our Benefits


Our home chefs use the best quality of ingredients so as to keep you healthy and fit. Some of the ingredients are even made by them at home.


Our food is completely hygienic and we take 100% guarantee because for us the safety of customers is the most important thing. We do kitchen verifications and conduct 5 levels of personal verifications for EACH homechef.


Our food is homemade with a lot of love by our home chefs! Obviously maa ke haath ke khane mein pyaar na ho, aisa ho sakta hai kya? (Obviously the food made by mothers, has to have a lot of love sprinkled on it!)

Ensuring ‘Delight’,

for there is Mother’s Love in every Bite!

Our mission has two objectives. Our first objective is to have delighted customers. Our second objective is to give wings of monetization to India’s amazing mothers, who have magic in their hands… magic of cooking food that satiates not only our tummy, our taste buds… but also our souls!